The common thread binding all our mission-related experiences is a sense of gratitude for our many God-given gifts.  A thankful heart allows us to rejoice in what we already have and use our many talents to address the needs of others.  To  join Northminster in serving any of these ministries, contact the church office at 478-477-6646 or  and you will be connected with the appropriate person!

Habitat for Humanity

Northminster Presbyterian is a founding supporter of Habitat for Humanity in Middle Georgia, and we continue to make an annual donation in order to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

For several decades, we have helped build many Habitat houses and provided lunch for work crews. In addition, our congregation provides a vacuum cleaner for each new Habitat homeowner. Our ‘Coins for Cleaners’ donations ensure that we support the care of each home.  Macon Area Habitat for Humanity


Backpack Ministry

Imagine leaving school on Friday afternoon, not knowing if you will eat again until Monday morning.
Unfortunately, that is a reality for some children in Bibb County. Northminster’s Backpack ministry helps to ease those worries for students in our neighborhood elementary school, Rosa Taylor.

On Friday afternoons, each of these children will be given a bag that includes pre-packaged protein, fruit, drink, snack and breakfast. We need your help to provide these children with items in those five groups. Since they do not receive much nutrition, the food should be as healthy as possible.

Loaves and Fishes Ministry of Macon

Loaves and Fishes is a local ministry that serves the hungry and homeless in Middle Georgia. Along with volunteering at the center, our members provide food, clothing, and other items which are taken to the facility for distribution. The congregation contributes benevolences on a monthly basis.

For more information or to volunteer:


Alternative Christmas Gifts Fair

Making A Difference every first Sunday in December
Giving a meaningful gift during the holidays that supports worthy organizations is the essence of Northminster’s Alternative Christmas Fair. Instead of giving more “stuff” make a donation in the name of that person who has everything and support charitable work around the world or in our own community. You’ll be able to choose from a number of charitable organizations, and cards are provided to send to the person in whose name the donation has been made. It is a wonderful way to spread the love of Jesus.

International Ministries

Northminster is blessed to sponsor two missionaries through The Antioch Partners (TAP).  These missionaries are helping those in need of physical and mental wellness and shining the light of Christ in hopes others will come to know Him.  Although we are unable to share specific information online about those we support due to their location, we are able to share more information about The Antioch Partners (TAP):

TAP is committed to expanding long-term (two years or more), cross-cultural, incarnational ministry opportunities for Presbyterians.  Their conviction is that every follower of Jesus is a missionary (a “sent one”),  but for those called to long-term, cross-cultural engagement, special training and support structures are necessary. This is what TAP provides. TAP works alongside local Presbyterian churches in the US to help people get from where they are now to where God is calling them to be, and then not just to survive, but to thrive, in their ministry callings.  TAP serves local churches in the assessment, training, sending and support of those called to long-term, cross-cultural engagement.