The Children’s Chapel focuses on two major components:

  • Instill – For the youngest of God’s Children, the focus is on establishing and nurturing an age-appropriate understanding of our Christian faith through a combination of Bible stories, scripture, prayer, and active learning of the “Part’s of Service.”  Children are encouraged to participate, ask questions and explore their faith.
  • Inspire – For the older children and youth, the focus is providing an opportunity to mentor, read to, and actively engage the youngest members of the church.  Done is a manner sensitive to each child’s disposition.


After the “Children’s Moment” during the 11am Sunday service, all children (approx. age 2 – 10) are lead to the Children’s Chapel.

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We encourage our older children to participate! They can either be a Reader or Organizer. Both the Reader and Organizer will help with the next week’s lesson!