Let The Children Come To Me

Beginning with birth and baptism, we take each child seriously, teaching them and loving them as a beloved member of the household of God. The Children’s Ministry focuses on creating a place of belonging, where children are called by name, where discipleship and a love of God and neighbor are nurtured. There are a number of creative activities, events, educational opportunities, and loving acts in which your child can be involved, all organized under three themes (Children and Youth Flyer):


…a belief of being God’s children:


…confidence to live into God’s calling:


…respond to God’s love through acts:

Sunday School

Preschool Sunday School

Pre-school Sunday school is for children three and four years old. We provide an exciting format of Bible story-telling and interactive play.

Kindergarten through 1st Grade, 2nd to 5th Grade

The Sunday morning education program for children in kindergarten through 5th grade is centered around a “Godly Play” format. Godly Play is a program that incorporates storytelling, art, drama, puppets, learning stations, and videos into a multi-learning style lessons of the Word of God.


A fully staffed nursery on the lower level of the church building is available beginning from the first worship service, and continuing through the Sunday school hour and the second worship service. Pre-school through 4th graders go to Worship and are lead to classrooms after the Children’s Moment. We encourage children older than 4th grade to remain with their parents and church family in worship.