Sounds Of Worship

In worship, music is an offering and a prayer. It is an offering that we give to God that submits to God the full range of our lives from praise to lament. In so doing, music, like prayer, voices our deepest hopes, convictions, joys and fears before our Creator. Music also touches the deepest parts of our lives, providing comfort, eliciting joy, and moving us to faithfulness. Music is an important part of our worship life. At most morning service, a marvelous Adult Chancel Choir provides music in a more traditional sense, and on selected Sundays the Handbell and children’s Choir perform.

Adult Choir

The Chancel Choir at Northminster is a multi-generational mixed ensemble. The choir is open to those from High School freshmen and older and sings a wide variety of choral literature. The first Sunday of December of each year, the Chancel Choir presents its annual Service of Lessons and Carols along with the Adult Handbell Choir. We meet Thursday evenings from 7:15 to 8:30 from mid-August through mid-June. There is no need to call ahead, just show up and sing! We sing an anthem each Sunday of the “Singing Year” and some special services throughout the year. A complete “seasonal” calendar of anthems is given to each member at the semi-annual choir retreats (one in January and one in August).

Choir Notes

Handbell Choir

Our 3 Octave Adult Handbell Choir is open to anyone regardless of their musical ability. Our current membership is 10 ringers and we are looking for the elusive member 11 and we are always on the hunt for those willing to substitute. This group meets Thursday evenings September through May at 6:00 pm. We ring approximately one Sunday each month and those dates are made known at the beginning of rehearsals in September and January.

Children’s Music


The Cherub Choir is for little ones in pre-K through Kindergarten. We play games, sing, and learn about music each Wednesday of the school year at 4:15 pm. Choir parents switch off snack responsibilities and sometimes we run amuck outside. Our focus is on basic musical principals in the context of sacred church music.


The JOY Choir is for kids from 1st through 5th grade. We take the basic musical principals a step further and explore different musical instruments, music history, music theory, all in the context of traditional sacred church music. We draw from the Contemporary and Traditional canons and sing in church approximately four times each year. Our weekly TRIVIA round determines who will be the Organ Assistant each corresponding Sunday.

The Organ Assistant program was begun in 2009. The idea is to teach each child some of what goes on “behind the scenes” during church. The Chosen One spends the entire service at the Organ Console pushing pistons, pulling stops, and occasionally “soloing” during prayer. This is a highly coveted seat and the program has been a great success.