Life-Long Learning

We believe in the importance of having a good foundation to one’s faith. A lot of this foundation is built in Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, and individual spiritual practices in the home.

Adult Sunday School

Builders Class

A class for people in the phase of “building” careers and/or families. Currently studying the book Language of God by Frances Collins. This discussion is led by three class members. There is a relaxed “coffeehouse” atmosphere.

Celebrate Class

This class uses the Uniform Lesson Series material published by our denomination. Currently, they are studying the church as a community. Later this spring, they will be looking at some of the teachings of Jesus and then, the teachings of the church. This class is currently taught by Paul Evans.

Kerygma Class

Currently studying Richard Foster’s book Celebration of Discipline. It discusses the disciples of prayer, meditation, fasting, and more. This class is led by class members with a discussion format.

Times Class

This is a group that discusses issues which are relevant to our lives as Christians. The topics are varied, including politics, pop culture, theology, science, etc. Whatever the topic, we search for Biblical references that relate to it. Eight different class members rotate as discussion leaders. The leader can pick the topic from any source he or she wishes but, we are currently subscribed to “The Thoughtful Christian”, which is an on-line source of a wide variety of useful topics. The discussions are lively.