When: June 19th – 23nd

Time: 5:30 – 8:00pm; Fellowship Hall

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Dinner Schedule

  • Sunday, June 19th: Pot-luck
  • Monday, June 20th: Provided by Fellowship Committee
  • Tuesday, June 21st: Provided by Fellowship Committee
  • Wednesday, June 22nd: Provided by Fellowship Committee


Children (3K – 5th grade)

– Using the Agency D3 special agents VBS curriculum which includes tons of educational and fun activities about re-discovering God’s presence in the world.

Rotations: There will be three rotations:

  1. Music and Theather – Children will praise God through music and song! Children will act out scenes will singing!
  2. Crafts and Games – Children will delve into hands-on crafts and games to bring Bible stories to life!
  3. Bible Stories – Children will learn Gods word through engaging lessons and Bible stories!

“Inspire” Experience: Children will be given the opportunity to read or act out their favorite lessons to the entire church community! Done in a manner sensitive to each child’s disposition.

Youth (6th – 12th grade)

– Assisting with VBS activities.


Sustainable Youth Ministry – Led by Jarred Hammet
Exploring how to build a youth ministry so that it lasts for the long haul.

Finances as a Spiritual Journey – Led by Amy Malley.
Considering our individual and collective relationship between spirituality and finances.

Godly Play for Adults – Led by Virginia Hall and Lynn Denny
Adults encountering faith through story, question, wonder and play.

Great Food and Fellowship!


Song and Dance!





(Children, Youth and Adult Programs)



Come, Enjoy And Breath In Renewed Energy